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My WonkyZebra Pattern collection.

Here you will find lots of vintage patterns - lovingly made, kept and collected, and carefully reformatted.

Buy any of my patterns directly here, by using one of these PayPal buttons and popping in the three digit WZ number for the pattern. I will then email you your purchase to the email address on your paypal account. if you want it sent to a second email address, don't forget to let me know.

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You can recreate the vintage styling, or use them for your own modern look; it is up to you. There is lots of inspiration to be had, laced with a little nostalgia.

You can see images the collection on my Pinterest boards.

Although I do have an Etsy shop, not all of the patterns are current on Etsy at all times, so Pinterest is better for browsing.

Sometimes I blog about the patterns; you can read this on wordpress.

More information about the patterns and the processes I use, can be seen here.

I have concentrated on crochet, as it is my first love although I also knit and sew and have tons of those too.

About the PDF patterns;

I do sometimes sell originals - but I prefer to keep them in my hoard! Therefore I make high quality PDFs from them so they can be used and enjoyed without me parting with them. It can take hours to prepare them as they need work to make them more user friendly for modern times.

Once I have the images I usually need to enlarge them, and make the background white, as often they are in teeny weeny font and old discoloured pages. Some need lots more work to make them presentable than others; removing stains, creased and tears and repairing the text where it has faded or been torn!

I always try to format them so that you do not have those annoying trailing bits of instruction on the next page; or actually add the “ as page one “ bit , so you do not need to go from page to page as you are crocheting or knitting. (Lots of us carry projects about so I think that it is a pain to have to keep track of paper too!).The pages are actually numbered, for the same reason, and the words are straight on the page... I have bought PDF patterns that have neither of these basic requirements and so I know it is not good enough to plonk a scanned image on a couple of sheets.

Some vintage/old patterns are written in a different style to modern patterns - very old ones can be very basic. Sometimes the language is hilariously outmoded, sounding quite patronising (or even offensive in the case of some toys!). However WonkyZebra versions are reworked where it is needed to read and flow much better as you crochet or knit from them.

Mon Tricot patterns often have the best designs but can be especially tricky to follow –so I always do more to make them usable - placing the text in rows rather than the “stream of consciousness” wrapped columns.

What happens after purchase?

Lots of my patterns have a sample or tutorial page to help with them, where thay have needed it.

I also love a 'crochet' puzzle ( or a knitting one ); I like to sort out the 3D construction from the written code and for me the maths brain meets the arty brain here. A pattern is one place where a bit of dyslexia actually helps see the shapes and flow of the work. I like maths and it really helps with the whole brackets and repeats thing; not to mention the tension gauge calculations! However I know many very competent craftspeople dread it; so I am always happy to help and answer any queries arising from using the patterns. So don't be worried if this is a new venture.

I have boxes and shelves full of patterns; I am working my way through slowly and choosing by whim or current fancy... so ask if you are looking for something specific - I may have it. There are lots of nice reviews in the Etsy shop if you need reassurance - and you can buy a pattern there, or directly from here if you have PayPal.

The pattern collection is currently divided into 3 main groups or “shops” ; ToyPatternLand for toys, WonkyZebraBaby for baby and children's clothing and of course WonkyZebra for adult clothes and home things like blankets, cushions etc.

I am working on a complete index but currently I am trying to put images from the shops and collection onto my Pinterest boards; so it is easier to find something specific.

Eventually each set will have its own index page here too but meanwhile any item can be listed on any shop for purchase by emailing WonkyZebra directly.

sold on FOLKSY in the UK wonkyzebra.folksy.com

and BIGCARTEL in Australia wonkyzebra.bigcartel.com

and on ZIBBET zibbet.com/wonkyzebra


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